Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Summer time, the words that bring joy to everyone's minds.. okay I'm gonna stop with the freakin' corny words. I got  To be completely honest.. I hardly have been swimming this Summer. But.. it's okay because I have more time to look at clothes and makeup ideas on the good ol' interweb.

This look is inspired by SUMMER! It has a mixture of Tribal print and bright colors.
Crochet backed coral tribal print tank top- TARGET,, oh baby you know it
High waisted olive green linen shorts- Target,, hit me baby one more time.
Purple Tank- I have absolutely no idea.
Authentic Native American authentic Native American store.. gotta represent
Earrings- World Market Center
Tribal Print- Thrift Store
Cross-body bag- Thrift stor in Portland,Oregon
Sandals- Rack Room Shoes
Makeup- I showed a pic.. a neutral shimmery eye with a coraly-pink lipstick
Hair- In soft waves
Hope you enjoyed XOXO,Abbra

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  1. Hi sweetie!
    Love this look and so impressed you are shopping vintage/thrift store as well as representing!! Lol did you know I make jewelry? I too buy jewelry at thrift stores for the stones/bling then take apart and design and make new pieces. I would l