Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunset Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

This summer loo is so pretty and easy to do. I hope you enjoy this makeup tutorial!

Monday, July 16, 2012

A great drugstore mineral powder!

So yesterday I went to Walgreens with my mamsita to get a new face powder because I ran out of my other powder. My mom suggested that I get a mineral powder because it is light and airy and won't make me break out. So when I was there, I spotted a Maybelline mineral powder. It was $9.99 which is cheap compared to Bare Minerals. So I got the shade Nude (a golden tan color with peach undertones.) The powder even came with a mini Kabuki brush (great for on-the-go or traveling). When I tried the powder I was pleasantly surprised.It is a loose powder so I just used a tiny bit. I have very oily skin and this immediately sopped up the oil and left me with a nice, smooth matte finish. It wasn't cakey and my skin could breath! The Kabuk brush isn't the best but it's small so it's great to put in your purse. I will show some pictures of the product and the finish that it left on my face! Added Bonus-It has S.P.F 18!

Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation, Nude, Light 4      It's a great sized powder that comes with a lot of product.

 Preservative-free.  Talc-free.  Oil-free.  Fragrance-free.

Before putting on the powder- A close up of my cheek, a mixture or rosacea and zits= not a happy camper

Sorry I stunned your eyes, bare with me..

After putting on the powder

A lot better looking less redness!

You get tons of product for a great price!

I'm a happy camper now! I <3 this product!
Now If I could just get my hair to cooperate with me.. well there's always tommorow.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

Summer time, the words that bring joy to everyone's minds.. okay I'm gonna stop with the freakin' corny words. I got  To be completely honest.. I hardly have been swimming this Summer. But.. it's okay because I have more time to look at clothes and makeup ideas on the good ol' interweb.

This look is inspired by SUMMER! It has a mixture of Tribal print and bright colors.
Crochet backed coral tribal print tank top- TARGET,, oh baby you know it
High waisted olive green linen shorts- Target,, hit me baby one more time.
Purple Tank- I have absolutely no idea.
Authentic Native American authentic Native American store.. gotta represent
Earrings- World Market Center
Tribal Print- Thrift Store
Cross-body bag- Thrift stor in Portland,Oregon
Sandals- Rack Room Shoes
Makeup- I showed a pic.. a neutral shimmery eye with a coraly-pink lipstick
Hair- In soft waves
Hope you enjoyed XOXO,Abbra