Monday, July 16, 2012

A great drugstore mineral powder!

So yesterday I went to Walgreens with my mamsita to get a new face powder because I ran out of my other powder. My mom suggested that I get a mineral powder because it is light and airy and won't make me break out. So when I was there, I spotted a Maybelline mineral powder. It was $9.99 which is cheap compared to Bare Minerals. So I got the shade Nude (a golden tan color with peach undertones.) The powder even came with a mini Kabuki brush (great for on-the-go or traveling). When I tried the powder I was pleasantly surprised.It is a loose powder so I just used a tiny bit. I have very oily skin and this immediately sopped up the oil and left me with a nice, smooth matte finish. It wasn't cakey and my skin could breath! The Kabuk brush isn't the best but it's small so it's great to put in your purse. I will show some pictures of the product and the finish that it left on my face! Added Bonus-It has S.P.F 18!

Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation, Nude, Light 4      It's a great sized powder that comes with a lot of product.

 Preservative-free.  Talc-free.  Oil-free.  Fragrance-free.

Before putting on the powder- A close up of my cheek, a mixture or rosacea and zits= not a happy camper

Sorry I stunned your eyes, bare with me..

After putting on the powder

A lot better looking less redness!

You get tons of product for a great price!

I'm a happy camper now! I <3 this product!
Now If I could just get my hair to cooperate with me.. well there's always tommorow.



  1. Hi Abbs!!
    You are so cute!! I just love your look and your sweetness!! You are doing a great job Hun!! I sure miss you lots and hope to see ya soon!!

    1. hope to see you too! i miss you auntie. love you xoxo,abbra