Thursday, February 23, 2012

My New Style Crush! Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars!

Holy moly! Aria from Pretty Little Liars has amazzing style! Totally <3 herr. I will post some pics of her epic style belowwww... To sort of get her style layering is a MUST! I personally love to layer clothing... I think it makes every outfit 100 times bettah! She doesn't really like wearing bright colors.. sort of like me. A trend that I cannot stand right noww is neon! UGHHH I hate neon... If you like neon, good for you.. I don't judge. It's just nott my thingg. I like more earth tones and deeper, darker colors. I don't follow trends too much, unless if I like them . I just wear what I like! So ya I will post some pics of Aria (Lucy Hale) xoxo ,abbra
Aria's Clothing Style Must Haves!
 1. Tights (super cute with floral dresses)
 2. Combat or lace-up boots
 3. Floral , Vintage dresses
 4. Vintage accesories and bags

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