Monday, January 30, 2012


Let me just tell you a little bit about Meh.... I love.. love clothes! When I was younger I wasn't really into fashion. I just started becoming interested in fashion last year. At my middle school there are tons of rich kids who think that wearing an Abercrombie logo tee is fashion. Boy they are WRONG! Fashion is all about being creative. AT least to me... So my style is basically a mixture of everything! I love to mix styles and layering clothing is my fav. I <3 scarves belts bags and jewerly! They can spice up any outfit... So ya im in the 7th grade. At my school basically everyone dresses the same. There are some different styles in there and i count my self in the differently dressed group.. SO ya. SOme of my fav trends right now are feathers , oxfords, LAYERING!!! Like for my outfit tommorow I am wearing thiss sort of boho tank top that is brown and blue paisly with crochete detailing at the top with a long gray cardigan over that and my fav feather necklace and some super skinny jeans and my brown converse. BTW I love converse and TOMS!! OMG toms are my fav!! Every time you buy a pair you give a pair to a child in need! ONE 4 ONE!! How cool is that?? K SO i will link some pics of the two pairs of toms i have and the toms website!! Tah-tah 4 now xoxox, Abbra  Hand Drawn Dots Ash Women's Vegan Classic Black Stone-Washed Twill Women's Classics SO CUTE!!!!


  1. Hey Abbra I love your fashion your always so cute and bright and fresh looking and people would be lucky to get your fashion advice :D <3 XOXOXOXO

  2. AAAWWWW.. Thanks Tierra! Your such a great friend! I love your style too! See u on monday! Love, Abbra :0)